Tricia Booker Photography

Tools of the Trade



The Black And White Project on Google+ featured a challenge this week titled “Tools of the Trade.”

While I was working on the next issue of USHJA In Stride magazine on Friday, editing and writing articles, managing freelancers and attending conference calls, I took a short break to set up this shot.

As an equestrian journalist, I could have included so many more tools: my computer, iPhone, copies of the magazines, programs, prize lists and other materials my work is published in, or even the mints I use to get horses’ ears forward for photos.

But, really, the story can be told much more simply with a camera, a set of spurs and my name tag. These three items I decided to photograph quickly and cleanly tell the story of my vocation and avocation.


      • It was quality for low price that first led me to Sony. They’ve been the leaders in sensor technology and picture quality for a while but most people who venture into photography are instantly drawn to Canon and Nikon. I just couldn’t afford them but loved the quality and feel of the Sony 🙂 The new a7 series are outstanding but, again they’ve jumped up beyond my budget! Lots of saving to do 😉

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