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Equine Tuesday



It’s Equine Tuesday, which is a fitting day to apologize for missing yesterday’s blog post. I’d planned to post every day this year–as I’ve done in past years–but now that I’ve taken on a few new equine-related projects I’m going to have to admit that posting daily just might not happen.

I’ve enjoyed spending more time here, visiting new blogs and catching up with old ones, so I intend to continue posting as often as time allows.

I met an “old” friend for lunch today, and over our salads as we caught up on life and our families, she mentioned that her parents have enjoyed my more frequent photos and posts. I spent lots of time with her family during my childhood, hanging out in their kitchen doing Trigonometry homework, eating her mother’s most excellent brownies and being driven around in their big blue Chevy.

Sometimes in the crush of daily life and crossing off all of the items on my to-do list, my blog falls to the bottom. But then I remember that my blogs not only connect me to new friends but also reach old ones as well. We might not see one another as often as we used to or would like, but through checking out a blog post, Facebook page or Tweet, we can keep that connection and those memories of the past. Hmm…I think I have just enough time tonight to make some brownies!



  1. That social connection you mention is one of the best things about blogs and all the other social media. Plus I really like your photos!. Do not worry about missing a post the other day. What I heard you plan on was posting more frequently–and you are doing that.

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