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Robert Smith and Marius Claudius

I was going through some of my old files, looking for an image for a project last week, when I stumbled upon a folder titled “Favorites.” It turned out to be a treasure trove of photographs that’s I’d taken and saved from my early years shooting digitally.

This photo was always one of my favorites, shot in 2003 with a Nikon D1, at the Spruce Meadows Masters in Calgary, Alberta.

The horse is Marius Claudius, ridden by Robert Smith a member of the British Equestrian Team. Marius Claudius, a Dutch Warmblood stallion (by Concorde), is 21 years old this year, retired from competition and stands at stud in France. He’s traveled more in his life than many people, having competed internationally for seven years with major victories in London, Greece, Portugal, Norway and Germany, to name just a few.

I was fortunate to see him in action many times during his career, and I well remember his great jumping style and beautiful expression over a 1.60 fence. He always looked like he was having fun out there, making him a favorite for us to photograph.


  1. That shot gives off such a feeling of POWER!!! But………..I want to know about the “hairnet!” I am not THAT familiar with show horse styles but I have never seen/noticed a net across the mane. What are the little curly cues in front? It seems they would be a real distraction to the horse’s eyesight but what do I know??? Thanks for a pictures the poses lots of questions!

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Lucinda,

      The “hairnet” is actually a fly bonnet or a horse ear net. It keeps flies away from the horse ears and can be used to focus the attention of the horse. The part that fits over the ear can be padded also to reduce loud noise for the horse.


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