Tricia Booker Photography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds




I’ve always enjoyed playing with negative or empty space in my photography, so the Rule of Thirds is one of my favorite compositional tools. I actually set up my cameras to have the Rule of Thirds grid on the screen just because I do find myself frequently thinking that way.

While I was in Florida last week I spent a day out playing and photographing the competitors for fun and not shooting strictly for editorial. Here, I stood on a bridge above the riders as they entered and exited the show ring underneath me. The early morning shadows made for some fun compositions, too.

I was happy to see that today’s Weekly Photo Challenge was Rule of Thirds, because it gave me another reason to spend some time with the images from the horse show. I had a busy week with a magazine deadline that concluded yesterday, so I was finally able to actually check out the 3,000+ photos in my files. I have a lot more post-processing ahead of me, but it will be fun!


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