Tricia Booker Photography

Cold Bird II


Today I revisited some of my bird photos from last winter to check the lenses and settings I’d used, and I came upon this Dark Eyed Junco that I hadn’t edited.

I spent some time playing with it, taking out some background clutter with Macphun Snapheal Pro and using Intensify Pro to produce a bit more contrast in the shadowed face. The lighting wasn’t ideal for this shot, but since birds are generally hard to pose, sometimes you have to work with what they give you!

With the temperature dropping to 0 degrees F. tonight, I’m planning to top off the feeders in the morning. I haven’t had my camera out in a couple of weeks, so I plan to spend some time with the birds tomorrow. Since they’ve been well fed with three different types of bird seed and suet, I figure a little modeling is the least they can do in return.


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