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Chasing Time


Chasing Time


Now that I’m in the Level 20 Lounge in The Arcanum, I’m among those photographers waiting for Sphere 2 to open and to be selected by a new master.

In the meantime, the members of the Lounge have participated in challenges, photography-related discussions and attending the Creation Wars events each Monday night.

While enjoying this relative quiet time, I’ve had the opportunity to go back into my photo files from 2014 to explore. Today’s challenge was the word “time,” and I immediately remembered the class I photographed during the final week of Horse Shows by the Bay. I was stationed in the gazebo in the middle of the ring, and the jump-off course included an incredibly tight turn in front of the gazebo where the riders tried to make up time.

It’s not my typical viewpoint, since I generally don’t like for the horses to look directly at the camera, but in this case I was surrounded by other members of the ring crew and not as noticeable. In fact, the horses and riders were so focused on the turn that it was like I wasn’t even there.

There were some fun images that resulted, and this one was a favorite. I was so close to the action–this shot had a focal length of 80mm–that I could hear and feel the horses’ hooves digging into the footing! It was an exhilarating time for us all, I think!




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