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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward



This week’s Photography Challenge featured the word “Reward,” and I instantly knew where to look for a photo depicting this definition. One of my favorite places to stand and photograph during a horse show is at the out-gate after the riders have received their ribbons.

There’s often a moment after the awards ceremony when the rider revels in the moment and rewards the horse with a kiss or a pat on the neck as they leave the ring. Some riders walk out with their horses by their sides, as equal partners, cherishing the win, while others stride ahead of the horse as if in a hurry to leave for the next thing.

Having been a longtime competitor, I know how few and far between these winning moments can be sometimes, so I’m always mindful to make them special. I’m like the rider above, making the most of each accomplishment. Even though horses seem athletic, big and tough, they’re incredibly fragile, and you just never know what may happen in the future. Cherish the time and each reward you receive, whether it’s a ribbon, a goal accomplished or a stronger partnership.





  1. My 8-year-old granddaughter began riding lessons last summer and her ribbons are prominently displayed on their fireplace mantle. My daughter-in-law told me every rider got an award for something and the positive feedback was tremendously important. I especially love the bond between rider and horse, which you’ve shown beautifully here.

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