Tricia Booker Photography

Withstanding Winter


Northern Cardinal

We withstood another weekend ice storm, only losing power on Sunday. It came back on overnight, just in time for us to prepare for school and work today.

Now, the forecast is for more of the same tomorrow through Thursday, with ice and accumulating snow. I’m glad that my awesome UPS driver delivered another 40 pounds of bird seed today, just in time to refill all of the feeders. We even enjoyed observing a Northern Flicker at the feeder over the weekend, a rare visitor that couldn’t resist an easy meal in the sleet.

I have a feeling that the birds are just as ready for spring as I am, because I’ve seen several flocks of Robins scavenging for the last remaining berries on their way back North. The calendar and the added daylight may say spring is close, but the weather is all winter!


  1. I think the world is topsy turvy you may be spring but still in the grip of winter, our calendar says autumn but tomorrow is forecast for another heat wave with temps soaring into the high 30’s at least 7 degrees above the average…

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