Tricia Booker Photography

Snowy Egret


I spent an amazing afternoon at Brazos Bend State Park, where I enjoyed meeting some fantastic people as well as viewing some pretty cool birds.

Last year when I traveled to Houston, Texas, I had the unfortunate luck of torrential rain on my excursion to the park. I ended up with some images, but the conditions were far from ideal.

Today, I awoke to clouds and fog, but I went on with my plans. As I traversed the Texas countryside, it was a relief to see the breaks of sun and blue skies increase and the dark clouds dissipate.


I ended my visit with exactly 800 images, which I will spend some time digesting this week, but a few stood out as I skimmed through the collection. This Snowy Egret in breeding plumage was a favorite from the day, and just as I finally caught a break with the weather today, he caught several fish for dinner.


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