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Arizona Birdies



Over the years, I’ve learned you just never know what you’ll discover on a golf course, and this was especially true yesterday when we played Las Sendas Golf Club in Mesa, Arizona.

It was a day filled with birdies of all kinds. In addition to those you’d expect while golfing, you know the birdies that you get when you finish a hole one shot under par, there were some of the feathered variety, too. From hummingbirds to doves to quail, the birds were everywhere.

While driving between holes on the front nine, I glanced off into the brush and somehow managed to spot a Greater Roadrunner catching a lizard. I jumped out of the cart and captured a few shots before it sped off into the underbrush.


The biggest surprise, however, was the Cockatiel that flew out of a bush and tried to land on Cameron’s head. After the initial shock, we invited the bird to join us, and it ended up hanging out for a few holes before it flew off. As much as we wanted to take it home to Virginia, I knew that watching it take wing was probably for the best.


The best was saved for last, though, when Cam had the shot of the day on 18. He successfully hit his second over the lake and putted for an eagle. He settled for an easy birdie to end our day perfectly.



  1. Oh just glorious! The roadrunner shot is terrific but the sunset and Cam’s swing is wonderful too. Sounds like a great day–thanks for letting us tag along. Golf courses are such a great place for birding!

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