Tricia Booker Photography

Soccer Season


The high school soccer season is well underway, but due to my travel schedule and the wet spring weather, my opportunities to photograph the games have been limited.

But I did make it to yesterday’s game, when Clarke County traveled to Front Royal, Virginia, to play Warren County. It was a tough match up, and the JV team finished in a 0-0 tie. No goals were scored, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t action for me to follow!

In fact, sometimes I think these defensive games prove just as exciting because the intensity happens all over the field and isn’t concentrated at the goals. I enjoyed walking up and down the sidelines photographing some of the players in the back of the field, whom I don’t ordinarily shoot.


Cameron played up front as one of the strikers, but he was regularly on the defensive as well, taking some pretty powerful hits. He had a few runs and shots on goal, but, unfortunately, none of them went his way last night. Nevertheless, it was fun to get out and photograph the game, and, despite the frigid temperatures, the action on the field was heated, making for some fun images.



  1. Sue

    Great action shots, Tricia. Are you continuing in Sphere 2 of the Arcanum? Just wondering… I have almost completed Sphere 1 — have Level 19 critique tomorrow. The only master for wildlife photography in Sphere 2 is Laurie Rubin — I would love to get picked up by her.

    • Hi Sue! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just was invited into Sphere 2 and have joined Robin Griggs Wood’s cohort. It’s been pretty intense so far and it’s only been about two weeks 🙂 I had Laurie for Spheres 0-1 and it was great fun. She would be terrific to have in Sphere 2. I hope you had a great critique last week. Keep me posted on your progress!

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