Tricia Booker Photography

Bird Survey Morning


For the fifth year, I’m volunteering with the Virginia Working Landscapes program and conducting bird surveys. From mid-May to the end of June we’re surveying two fields in The Plains, Virginia, where we document the birds we see and hear for a certain amount of time in specific areas in a 100-meter radius.

Each year I find my skills in identifying birds so much more improved. In fact, whenever I walk the dog or sit out on the deck, I’m constantly hearing and identifying┬ábirds almost automatically. Interestingly, it was difficult for me to learn new languages in school, but for some reason recognizing and learning bird songs seems to come much easier than I expected.


That’s not to say that I go out on the surveys and know each song! In fact, that’s part of the fun. Sometimes we have difficulty identifying a song in the field, so we’ll take a recording and then have the challenge of figuring it out later via the bird apps or songs we’ve saved.

This week we enjoyed a beautiful morning in the fields, and despite not being a morning person, I’m always glad to get up to view the sunrise and greet the birds that usually wake me up.



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