Tricia Booker Photography

Fall Fun


We’ve enjoyed a few weeks of lovely fall weather here in Virginia, and Peppermint has ventured to the State Arboretum of Virginia regularly to run and play while I’ve had my camera out.

While we were there on Monday, we met an impressive young man named C.J., who was visiting the Arboretum with his mother. Peppermint enjoyed the attention, and we walked together chatting about the Chestnut trees they’d come to visit and about the Ginkgos, some of which were still in full color and emanating their unique smell.


C.J. in the Ginkgo tree

It’s always a pleasure to meet people who enjoy nature as much as we do, and it was especially nice to visit with a young person with binoculars in his hand instead of an electronic gadget.

I remember spending many summer days outside in the fields and pond behind my house, catching and releasing butterflies, tadpoles, toads and various other creatures. It’s where I learned first-hand how a spider web works, how Killdeers pretend to be injured to lure you away from their nests, and what a snake sounds like when it slithers away through the grass.

With November here and winter on its way, though, we won’t spend quite as much time at the Arboretum, but I do look forward to all of the winter birds who will return to my yard soon and keep us entertained. We’re fortunate to have nature all around us, and to be able to enjoy all four seasons–and Peppermint is thrilled that the heated throw is once again in use in the office.


Arboretum view


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