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It’s been a slow start to 2016 as I contracted a nasty virus on New Year’s Day. After two weeks of recovery, I’m finally feeling better and catching up on life and work.

One of the silver linings to lying low was the bonding time I had with Peppermint, who is probably one of the laziest and cuddliest Jack Russells on the planet. I’m not sure which she likes more–eating or sleeping! So, we spent some quality time together doing both while I recuperated.

Peppermint has a dog bed next to my desk, and right now her snoring is almost as loud as the classical music in the background. Sometimes when I’m feeling pressured to get more done more quickly as deadlines approach, I glance down and see her snuggled up or stretched out on her back and remember that it’s OK to slow down and appreciate each day for what it brings and the accomplishments you make, whether large or small.

I hope everyone is having a great new year, and if you chose to make New Year’s Resolutions I hope they’re going well for you! Typically, I do make a resolution or two, but this year they slipped by me. Perhaps I’ll give some thought to starting in February…but, if not, maybe I’ll follow Peppermint’s lead and spend more time simply soaking in the present moment.




  1. I love the photo–makes me miss having a dog. My last one–years ago!–was an expert on eating and sleeping as well. I think a great resolution is to follow the dog example on how to enjoy life–live in the moment and nap a lot! Happy New Year.

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