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National Pet Day


I’m not one who regularly follows these special days that seem to pop up on social media, such as National Grapefruit Day or Wear Purple Day, but I couldn’t help but notice all of the cute pet photos that inundated Facebook, Instagram and Twitter yesterday.

So, after I finished work, picked Cam up from school and shuttled him off to the golf course, I thought it might be a nice evening to take Peppermint out to search for bluebells. After all, since it was National Pet Day I felt a certain obligation to have her enjoy it as much as my spirits had been lifted seeing all of the cute animals featured online and loved by their owners.



With hundreds of acres in our backyard abutting the Appalachian Trail, we’re fortunate to have nature at our doorstep. We took off down the trail toward a nearby patch of bluebells I’ve been photographing for years, and, indeed, they were there and in bloom. The partly cloudy skies allowed me to get some interesting light, although most of them were in the shade.

We continued our walk that led us over a small stream and into the dense woods, where she sloshed through the water, marched in the mud and chased squirrels through the crunchy leaves. It was a dog’s paradise.

Rather than taking our regular route, I tried some other trails I hadn’t walked in several years, and we were richly rewarded. Two new areas of bluebells awaited, one in a large clearing that offered just enough sunlight to create some backlighting opportunities with the pollinators still at work.


We spent a couple of hours meandering through the woods—me taking photos of wildflowers and nature, and Peppermint taking in all of the scents and following them wherever they led. It was a perfect way to celebrate National Pet Day, and I’m not sure who enjoyed it the most, which is just how it should be!



  1. Nice nature walk you had.

    So true about nearly every day bringing a new national day of some sort. The two I like the most are National Donut Day (first Friday in June) and National Coffee Day (annually on Sept 29).

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