Tricia Booker Photography

Flowers on Friday


It was a cool, rainy day up here on the mountain, so during a break in the showers I took a stroll around the yard. There are lots of spring flowers in bloom, including a variety of colors of Fuchsia.

I added some of these plants to the garden beds the first summer after we bought the house, and they’ve now morphed into a variety of colors, from the original fuchsia to purple, pale pink and red. I’ve regularly divided and replanted them in different areas of the property and in containers, and it’s been interesting to see the other colors develop over the past decade.

Today, their pretty colors were a welcome respite from the past few rainy and foggy days.


      • On occasion, some ski areas will stay open as late as June 1st if the late snows are good. One year, A-Basin or Arapahoe stayed open until June 10th because of the late snows we had that year. That’s the kind of skiing you do in a t-shirt and shorts. 🙂

    • Haha! My garden looks pretty from the close-up photos, but it’s a total mess with all of the rain and the lack of weeding and trimming. I hope that we can get some of that done this weekend. Crossing my fingers for a dry spell! To call me a gardener is a true stretch 😉

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