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A Clean Start

15799847_10154254320582532_7723976505424792906_oHappy New Year!

I’m not usually one who sets resolutions at the start of a new year, although I do enjoy the concept of a fresh start. Maybe it’s the clean air and crisp winter weather here on the mountain in Virginia, when December ends and January begins, that inspires me to think about starting fresh new projects and bringing closure to those in the works.

But after having a quieter than usual holiday season this year, I had more time to pause and consider what this new year might bring. It was wonderful to take the time to reflect on last year and consider ways that I might improve some of the things that didn’t quite go as planned and continue to expand my knowledge and enhance my creativity.

One small step I took last week was to sign up for the Merriam-Webster Word of the Day email. Fittingly, today’s word was Rejuvenate, which is defined as to make young or youthful again; to restore to an original or new state.

Under the “Did You Know” section, M-W provides an explanation of the word’s origin and its use in language:

Rejuvenate originated as a combination of the prefix re-, which means “again,” with a Latin term that also gave us the words juvenile and juniorjuvenis, meaning “young.” Rejuvenate literally means “to make young again” and can imply a restoration of physical or mental strength or a return to a more youthful, healthy condition, as when you try to rejuvenate your skin with moisturizer. You can also rejuvenate things that are timeworn. For instance, a lackluster brand can be rejuvenated by a new marketing campaign.

I intend to rejuvenate my blog this year and hope that maybe some of the new words that cross my path will rejuvenate my vocabulary and reinvigorate my creativity in writing. Who knows? Maybe some will show up here, as well!

So, as I welcome 2017, I do so with great intentions and not strict resolutions!


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