I remember receiving my first camera as a birthday present when I was about 8 or 9. It was a small, red Kodak camera that used 126 film cartridges. I carried it everywhere with me, primarily taking photos of my friends, horses and other pets. I still have the photo albums I made from those early images, and it was a heartbreaking day when the plastic shutter release knob finally broke off.

From there, I graduated to a Pentax K1000, from which I learned the finer points of photography in high school combined with a talented and caring art teacher. I took classes and worked on the yearbook in high school before continuing my photography studies in college as an elective. I’ve now spent more than 3/4 of my life with a camera by my side, whether photographing equestrian competitions, the natural environment or wildlife. I regularly attend workshops to improve my skills and love being a lifelong student of photography.

I’ve traveled the world from Kentucky to Argentina to Dubai taking photographs and covering equestrian competitions, and I wish I knew then what I know now. I’ve enjoyed my time as a writer, editor, photographer, researcher, publicist and designer. And although I’ve earned many awards over the years, I’m still waiting for that perfect image and ideal article… I own and operate Cameron Green Media LLC, which has allowed me to become the editor for the United States Hunter Jumper Association’s publication In Stride, one of my many wonderful clients.

You are welcome to browse or purchase other photographs here: http://triciabooker.zenfolio.com

For more information about my other services, such as custom photography, writing, editing and marketing, please click the logo below or email me.


  1. ALI

    Hi Tricia,

    I wanted to say I like your work and add to it that you are certainly a very lucky (although yes I’m sure you’ve worked hard) photographer! 🙂

    I wanted to know, how you feel about the D3s. What are your personal thoughts on the camera. I had myself the D200 when it came out, but I experienced the rubbering coming off. I saw online that other people too had experienced the same.

    Have you encountered the same issue with the D3s?


    • Hi Ali,

      Thank you for visiting my blog! I have had the D3s for just over a year and have had no issues at all with it, inside or out. I have just over 25,000 shutter actuations so far. I photograph fast-moving animals (and people), so this camera was the choice for me. I’m also regularly shooting evening classes or indoors in arenas, so the low-light capability was also a key feature I needed. I’ve owned Nikon cameras for about 25 years, and this is by far the best one so far.

      I did shoot with a D3 for several years that did develop an issue with the rubberized coating. We sent it back to Nikon, and they refurbished it like new. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a D3s again (or the new D4) as I have always found Nikon to be great with customer service and keeping my cameras in tip-top shape when I had any problems or just needed a routine service.

      Good luck with your photography, and feel free to ask any additional questions. I’m happy to help!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 I’m going to love following you…In my dreams, I would have the chance to do just a portion of what you’ve done in the world of horses…I’m in awe of you work!

  3. I an not belive this! I am an absolute horse-lover and I am super interested in photography. Recently I was talking to my mum about what I might do as a career and she suggested equine photography. I have since been browsing WordPress looking for good photography blogs and now I have found you! Hurray!!!

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