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Special Delivery

I had a surprise delivery of flowers this morning, and the card brought tears to my eyes: “Words cannot express how thankful we are for you finding Slider. He is doing very well at home. Love, The Alvarez Family.”

Last Thursday I let Peppermint out one final time before bed and returned to the front door to find two dogs waiting on the porch. I quickly realized the little brown-and-white terrier didn’t have a collar and seemed scared, so I scooped him up and carried him into the garage for safe keeping.

After setting him up with food, water and a dog bed, I got on the Lost Dogs of Virginia Facebook page to see if he was lost. It took about a half hour to find his photo and ad among all of the lost dogs (sadly, there are so many!), and so I emailed his owner to tell her he was safe.

Early the next morning she emailed back and we chatted on the phone. Slider had been missing for nearly two weeks and had slipped out of his harness when visiting family in an adjacent town. They thought he was gone forever! We live in a remote area with abundant wildlife–coyotes and bears–not to mention a four-lane highway he had to cross to get here. His appearance on my front porch was also something of a miracle because he’s typically a very timid guy.

Their reunion that morning was incredibly touching. I can’t imagine the heartbreak they were feeling when Slider disappeared on the mountain. Consequently, I’ve had a hard time letting Peppermint out of my sight these days.

As I sat out on the deck for lunch this afternoon with Peppermint, the flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds all around, I couldn’t help but think how a simple chance encounter could bring so much joy to so many people. I’m so glad that all of the stars aligned and Slider chose my front porch so I could be a part of their happy ending.


  1. That is a very love story and wonderful that you had on-line resources to locate Slider’s owners. Even the birds and butterflies benefited from the lovely bouquet celebrating the event.

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