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Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt asked: What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

I thought about the question this morning as I worked on a variety of other projects for clients. And then the answer became self-evident: My blog isn’t intended to change “the world” at all. Instead, my blog is here to change “my world.”

Maybe that’s a selfish reason to host a blog, but it’s the honest answer. I decided to start a blog to reignite my creativity after several very difficult years in my past career sucked the enthusiasm out of my soul. It was time to refocus my energies on myself, restore the passion I felt for photography and my love of writing, and this blog was born.

Early on, I realized that through helping myself perhaps I was touching others with my images and words. For a while, I was more conscious of my audience—especially after being Freshly Pressed—but I did eventually realize that the real reason I’m here is to express my creative side, and if some people find what I do useful, interesting or inspiring, that’s a bonus.

In the past, I’ve been asked to help people with their photography or explain the techniques I’ve used in making images, and I’ve added a few posts exploring some of these topics. I’ve enjoyed the response and the feedback, so I plan to provide more of these posts through the new year.

I clicked on a few of the other blog posts linked to the Daily Prompt above, and I see so many honorable reasons people want to change the world through their blogs, from exposing suppression to teaching people about a little-known disease to simply spreading positivity. I wish them the best on their quests.

This year I look forward to spending more time here. I don’t have any great ambition to change the world with this humble blog, but maybe along the way we will grow together, learn something new or just further appreciate the amazing world around us.


  1. You don’t know it, but you’ve been a pretty good mentor already. I’m getting to be better at taking horse photos, in action and them being horses.

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