Tricia Booker Photography

June 28, 2011

Morning Rain

Another morning when we awoke to a glistening world. The storm clouds had blown east over the mountain by the time I let the dog out at 6:15 a.m., but she still stood on the porch gazing out into the wet grass rather than jumping off enthusiastically. I never really thought much about rain before I purchased my macro lens. Now, when I wake up to a rainy morning my first thought is to take a stroll around the yard with my camera before it all evaporates. I know I have a lot to learn when it comes to macro, but I’ve certainly enjoyed experimenting this year and seeing the world in a whole new light (or lack of it).


  1. Lucinda

    ……wonderful photography for sure but what is the plant? The subject is as fascinating as the method by which it is captured.

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