Tricia Booker Photography

August 13, 2011

Through Ohio

Each summer, Cameron spends three weeks in Michigan with his aunt and uncle. It’s great for all of us. Cameron, an only child, enjoys yet another set of  “parents” who dote on him. While he’s away, I spend a day in his room, collecting old toys and clothing, cleaning and organizing for the upcoming school year. (He certainly gets the better end of this deal!) His aunt and uncle take him to Detroit Tigers ball games, go camping, swimming, biking and many other activities we don’t have “time” for when we’re living our normal lives. It’s like sleep-away summer camp only better, because he can dictate the menu. On the way to Michigan today we passed by the farm fields of Northern Ohio, which always bring back fond memories of my time living just outside of  Cleveland. Cameron, who was born in Ohio during that time, has a special affinity for the Buckeye state—and, of course, I do, too.


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