Tricia Booker Photography

November 15, 2011

Milkweed Magic

I’ve spent several years harvesting milkweed seeds for my butterfly garden, but I’ve come to realize that the rocky, thin soil on the mountain just doesn’t seem conducive for their growth. Having Monarchs around my yard would be great, but so far I’ve only attracted the swallowtails by planting parsley in the garden. This year, though, The Hill School had a huge crop of milkweed plants, so I couldn’t resist picking some pods on my walk today for spring planting. Even though I haven’t had much luck, I’ll keep trying since my small garden just doesn’t seem complete without those gorgeous orange-and-black butterflies stopping by for a summer break.


  1. Lucinda Denton

    During WWII, school children were encouraged to collect milkweed as the fibers were used instead of kapok for life preservers. I wasn’t certain I really remembered that correctly but that is accurate and I was shocked to learn the number and variety of plants that are considered milkweed. Yes, I know, I am supposed to comment on the artistry of you photography but I always get carried away with your subject matter! I seems your beautiful photographs always evoke hidden memories.

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