Tricia Booker Photography

January 25, 2012


Today’s photo shoot at the Middleburg Millwork, a unique combination of working mill and hardware store, offered many fun and artsy results. Our job today was to explore the Millwork, shoot some of the new products and spring merchandise, and soak in the atmosphere for future marketing and advertising ideas.

I drive by the Millwork every day when dropping Cam off at school as it’s located next door, but I hadn’t ventured inside for more than a decade. So it was a pleasant surprise when I walked in and found that I could not only replace my snow shovel but could also design my future custom kitchen and have a gorgeous new wood tack trunk made. All of this in my own backyard.

Spending time in the Millwork, chatting with the friendly employees and running into neighbors was a great reminder that sometimes bigger isn’t better. We often shop in Lowe’s and Home Depot for many of the same items we could pick up in our own town, supporting our community and the small businesses that bring so much quality to our daily lives. As I photographed the paint section, I noticed that one of the color schemes was Urban Habitat. Although the colors are certainly beautiful, the name was an amusing juxtaposition as it’s featured in a town with a population of 632.


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