Tricia Booker Photography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue


First of all, I want to thank those of you who have sent me messages wondering about my absence these past few weeks. I apologize for the lengthy departure and will be sure to update you when I know in advance that I’ll be away from my blog for more than a few days. I was inundated with deadlines that, in a rare convergence, all came together at one time in a 10-day period. Normally, I try to keep my deadlines widely spaced, but as I discovered this month, sometimes the forces of publishing don’t always follow my schedule!

Here’s a photo I shot last month at a party we had for the Hill sixth-graders with April birthdays. The boys (Cam on the right) were standing above me on a train caboose, with storm clouds gathering on the horizon behind them. I used the iPhone and filters in Camera+ to capture the four plotting their next move. Even though the rain did eventually soak us, the party didn’t stop and we all had a wonderful time.


  1. This photo is amazing!!! So glad you have returned! I’ve been MIA as well… Lol. I love the silhouettes and high contrast of the foreground against the backdrop. Beautifully executed and a perfect photo for the blue challenge 🙂

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