Tricia Booker Photography

Oakley Garden

Harvest Time

I spent the morning photographing the Oakley vegetable gardens as they prepare for their first major harvest and the début of their Oakley Farm Stand in Upperville, Virginia, on June 14.

After the thunderstorms rolled through last night, the crisp air and wispy clouds made for a nice backdrop to the rows of flowers, herbs and vegetables. The garden is brimming with beautiful produce, from colorful lettuces to snap peas, purple cabbages and bright yellow squash. I brought home some samples that we used in the photo ops, which I enjoyed for lunch. I look forward to becoming a regular customer and won’t even have to go out of my way since I usually drive by the farm multiple times each day. Sometimes living in the country has its perks (and great cukes)!


  1. Wow this is super Tricia ! I love the contrast in colors and the sky is beautiful!!! Isn’t living near a farm the greatest…ya just can’t beat home grown on the smaller scale!!!

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