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iPhone Challenge: Nature



Cameron and I have a funny (to us) tradition. When we’re driving and see a vehicle carrying hay, we shout “Hey!” And because we live in the country, where horses and cattle abound, we’re regularly calling out that “H” word.

I don’t remember when this silly game started, but now it’s so ingrained that we’re always on the look-out for hay as we’re traveling. We don’t usually include hay in fields, but sometimes if we’re particularly bored or on long road trips, we’ll add that in to keep the fun going.

As Cameron grows up, I see some aspects of our relationship changing. He used to chatter non-stop in the car, tell me stories about his day and sing along to the radio, but now he’s often quiet, in his own 12-year-old world or texting his friends.

However, when I shout “Hey!” I still see that glimmer of a smile, and sometimes even a laugh. I never could have guessed that old, dried grass would be one of the strongest ties that bind us through these pre-teen years.


  1. Great story and beautiful picture. I was drawn to your blog because of the picture. When my daughter was little, she called those hay bales, “round animals”. I’ll have to post a picture of her with a round animal one of these days. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for visiting! I remember many years ago, a farm stand created a spider with a round bale and black plastic tubing during Halloween. My son, then about 2, was so frightened of it we had to get back into the car and go elsewhere to get a pumpkin. Now he laughs about it. Those round animals/creatures must make quite an impression on the little ones!

  2. Barb Fiandt

    That’s so beautiful Tricia, the story as well as the picture! I envy your close connection with Cameron. You will have it forever!

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