Tricia Booker Photography

Running With D3s

Cam and Peppermint

Cam and Peppermint Oblivious

So, which is more dangerous? Running with scissors or running with D3s. If you guessed the latter, you are correct.

The wrath of a mad mom watching her equipment travel breakneck up a steep and cluttered incline while a small dog was jumping up and trying to grab the runner’s shorts was pretty intense.

And, no, the T-shirt didn’t help his cause. Life is UNFAIR when you disobey your mother, even if you’re cute and contrite.

The punishment? After putting the D3s down in a safe place, the duo was required to act as models while the mother experimented with settings on the new camera. Tired? Aww. That’s too bad. I almost got the shot, just run down the hill again one more time…


Cam and Peppermint Punished



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