Tricia Booker Photography


Defensive stop.

A defensive leap!

This fall, the Clarke County Crew soccer team has come into their own, with their first winning season to date.

Cam has played a variety of roles, from offense, to midfield to defense depending on the needs of the team. The one place he hasn’t been is in goal, which is OK with me after several seasons of nail-biting nervousness on the sidelines.

Thanks to nice fall weather and a flexible schedule, I’ve had an opportunity to photograph most of their games. It’s been fun to catch a few exciting moments when everyone is airborne, in focus and the ball is in the frame!

We have one more weekend of games, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all concludes. They’ve really gelled this fall, and no matter their win or loss record at the end, it’s been great to see them come together and grow as a team. No one could ask for a more rewarding victory!

Back at you!

Back at you!





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