Tricia Booker Photography

Fall Colors


It’s nearly time for the Ginkgo Grove at the State Arboretum of Virginia to reach full color. So, as I was checking the dates of my trips there from last year, I thought I’d explore some of the images to see if I’d overlooked any that might be fun to revisit.

The grove is amazing, with the vivid colors and scents of the decaying fruit all mingling together to overwhelm your senses. While I appreciate the many benches that are carefully placed for optimal views, I can’t imagine sitting down when there are so many wonderful photos to create.

The photography workshop there that was scheduled for this week was postponed due to the severe storms that passed through yesterday, so I look forward to next week’s rescheduled time. The silver lining to the delay is that the Ginkgo trees will likely be in full color!


  1. As a child, I remember almost being fearful of Gingko trees because of the smell. Now, I appreciate not only their beauty but the fact they were here with dinosaurs. Thank you for introducing an actual grove of them with the beautiful photograph.

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