Tricia Booker Photography

A Winter’s Tale

Today in Virginia the mercury hit 80 degrees, and I’m feeling hopeful that the winter is finally in the rearview mirror.


It’s been a challenging few months for me as I continue to recover from past illnesses, but with the warmer weather, spring flowers peeking out and horses shedding their thick winter coats, I feel like a fresh and vibrant start is just around the corner.

Sadly, regular posts to my blog this winter were set aside while I focused my energies on work-related projects. In a way, having to take some time off from photography when the temperatures were below freezing and we had three feet of snow on the ground wasn’t all bad! I did escape to Florida last month to spend a week on the Winter Equestrian Festival, and it was a great way to reenergize and get those creative brain cells working again.

I hope everyone had a fantastic winter, accomplished those goals you made and have planned for a great 2016.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the social media platforms, spending some quality time outdoors with my camera and revisiting the blogs that I’ve missed reading the past few months.

Today, I spent some time working on projects and editing photos, so I opened the window, listened to the birds announcing spring and picked out some favorites from my time in Florida.


  1. Welcome back. I always love your photos whenever you can post them. Here in CA, spring is driving down the street too. In fact, last week I did a short trek into Death Valley to see what is being called a once-every-decade Superbloom. Here is a link: Wildflowers always pick up my spirits. I wish you a wonderful spring full of color and recovery and lots of new adventures.

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