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Cameron’s Run

Last night’s Clarke County High School varsity soccer game against Strasburg High School in Warren County was super fun to photograph, and I had a great time trying some different angles and settings on my Nikon D810 camera.

This season I’ve split my time between photographing and filming the games for the coaches and team members to use for training purposes. But with the bright lights of the Ram’s field and the backdrop of the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley, I just couldn’t put my camera down for the second half, and so I enjoyed shooting the entire game.

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Cameron had lots of playing time, so I was especially happy to be able to get some shots of him getting shots on goal. No balls hit the net, but he and the other younger team members are improving so much that it won’t be long before they have their time to shine.

On this night, it was the Eagles that prevailed on a score of 2-0, although I’d have to give MVP honors to the two goalies, who had some amazing stops and were totally on fire. It’s a shame that one team had to prevail over the other because they were both so well matched, displaying lots of talent, determination, sportsmanship–and wonderful photo ops!

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