Tricia Booker Photography

October 12, 2011


The ongoing rain slowed to a drizzle this afternoon, so I took advantage of the lull for a quick walk around the property with Peppermint. I think we were both feeling a bit blue, with the combination of a cool dreary day and a couple of days stuck indoors (me with deadlines and the dog with napping). The fresh air felt good, and although our feet got quite wet, it was nice to roam around and check out the trees, the ever-expanding mushroom patches and observe the squirrels running to and fro gathering their nuts and seeds.

With the mist falling on my camera, I couldn’t stay out long. So after a few quick bracketing shots we headed back inside, where I played with the HDR settings again. I hope to get out this weekend for a much-anticipated fall foliage shoot since I hear the sun will return again. And I could certainly use some intense color at the end of this gray week.


  1. Beautiful autumn leaves… Thank you dear Tricia, I hope and wish you to have a nice weekend with your camera, there is rain in here and cloudy dark day… Autumn days seem will be like that. With my love, nia

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