Tricia Booker Photography

October 13, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Yet another rainy day. But with deadlines behind me, it was a time to catch up on paperwork, billing and my photography blog. The weather prevented any true photo expedition, but I found some interesting subjects in my backyard. The flowers are having one last push of blooms, and I found lots of creatures taking advantage of the nectar. The ants, glossy with moisture, worked almost frantically. I followed their trail down the deck railing to the lower level, where a well-worn ant path had been established. Dozens of ants followed the line, moving up and down the deck to the flowers and back to their hill in the yard. I estimated it took each ant about 40 minutes to make the round trip. With winter fast approaching, everyone is gathering their stores. Perhaps that’s why I’ve found myself hungrier than usual this week…at least it’s a good excuse!

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