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Goldfinch Party

It's A Party

It’s A Party

While out on my travels today, I stopped in my local grocery store to have some prescriptions filled. As I was there waiting, I meandered around and stumbled upon a Goldfinch Thistle Sock that happened to be on sale. I’d never seen such a thing, so I picked one up.

We’ve had a few goldfinches in the yard this spring, so I thought they might find it interesting. Little did I know how popular this feeder would be! After only about two hours hanging, the tree was filled with goldfinches fighting for a place on the sock. At one point I counted more than a dozen birds, either feeding or waiting for a turn.

I have never seen so many goldfinches in my yard before, and I’m really not sure how word got out in the neighborhood, but evidently it traveled far and fast. It was a treat to watch these colorful birds this afternoon, so the next time I’m at that store I’ll make a point to pick up a few more.

This discovery made up for the disappointment I had today when my eagerly anticipated Squirrel Buster Classic bird feeder was delivered with a piece missing. I’m now waiting for a replacement part, and then I’ll be able to take some small revenge on my furry adversaries.

Although I really like all creatures, the squirrels have taken my generosity just a bit too far. They’ve now figured out how to get access to my beautiful stoneware bird feeder hanging on the front porch. I came home on Monday and found that it was dangling precariously, with two of the three leather holders chewed through and a squirrel inside stuffing its face while another waited underneath. If I happened to be a few minutes later, I’m sure it would have been found shattered on the ground.

Now that it’s spring, I’m going to encourage the squirrels to forage for their own food and leave the bird seed to the birds.


    • Thanks so much, Lisa! I’m hopeful my newest investment in a squirrel proof feeder will work. I’m still waiting for the part to arrive. I have a feeling that I’ll come to the same conclusion you did, but it will be fun to see what happens with this next chapter!

  1. You’ve found gold at the end of your rainbow ! Fantastic shot ! The description of the two squirrels made me laugh out loud. I’m looking at my squirrels this week, and I think it’s time for weight watchers for them.

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