Tricia Booker Photography




It was 3 degrees when I awoke early this morning to let the dog out, and there were already clusters of birds around the feeders.

With 9″ of new snow on the ground, the birds are finding it a challenge to forage for food. Instead of grabbing a seed and flying off into the woods, they feed and then huddle on the shrubs just beneath the feeders—fewer calories burned and close proximity for the next snack.

This sparrow was one of many fluffed up against the cold, and today’s weather is the perfect entry for the A-Z Challenge, which is Tagged C this week.


  1. Poor little sparrow it must be such a hard winter for all wild life this year in your part of the world. They must be very thankful to find a kind person putting out seed for them

  2. we are feeding the birds around our home too (during winter: two balls every week) – but much more in summer: when they have their babies they even need much more: 10 balls a week!

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