Tricia Booker Photography

May 14, 2011


Cameron may well be the shortest member of the Stingrays team. If not, he’s mighty close. But on Saturday his diminutive stature didn’t prevent him from saving a shut-out when the opposing team received a free kick on goal. Somehow, Cam managed to launch himself into the air, bat the ball down, grab it and kick it back toward the opposite goal.  All of the spectators went wild, clapping, cheering and whooping on the sidelines. Even the opposing team’s coach couldn’t help but shout, “Great save, goalie!”

After the game concluded, Coach Moy ran out on the field and gave Cam a huge bear hug for his efforts in keeping the score 3-0. I gave Cam a big hug, too, even admitting I’d shed a few tears behind the camera in watching it all unfold. Seeing Cam standing on the field, with this incredible smile on his face as the other players ran down toward the other goal was just so amazing. It was one of those moments I’ll always remember, when Cam’s heart and determination propelled him to the top.

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