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Happy Birthday Ironman

Ironman turned 1 today, and I walked out to his field this morning at Skyland Farm to celebrate with him. A year ago I met him on the day he was born, and we had our first photo shoot together. You can see those photos here if you wish.

I’ve taken photos of Ironman in between, but for this special occasion we spent some quality time. We meandered around the field, and I let him lead the way as we walked from the run-in shed to the tree line and back up the hill.

Ironman enjoyed eating the blooming dandelions and picked some of the yellow flowers as we traversed the field. He still has some of his baby attributes, but when he stood at attention I could envision him as a mature horse, with his solid build and intelligent eye. His kindness was quite evident already, though, as he preferred to be right by my side rather than a model for photographs. I hope he never outgrows that trait!



  1. I too had to return to the baby pictures and now, what a beauty. I have no clue about his lineage or if he is an expensive race horse but might one day, he be yours??? Your special connection made me wonder.

    • His breed is a Holsteiner, which is a warmblood, so he wouldn’t be eligible for the race track. He belongs to my friend Denice (also my riding coach). She owns his dam and sire. They are both jumpers, and she bred them because she loves their personalties and athleticism and wanted to have a foal from them. I’m kind of like an aunt, I suppose!

    • He belongs to my trainer. She shows his sire and dam in the jumpers and decided to breed them. It’s the first foal she’s ever had, so it’s been fun to watch him grow up. He lives in a show barn, so he’s very spoiled by all of the attention from us. But in a good way!

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