Tricia Booker Photography

July 5, 2011


Living in the country, you never know who or what you’ll meet on your daily journeys. From roosters to bears to lambs. We crossed paths with 3-week-old Sam at the Clarke County park, where he was tied to a tree while his owners attended soccer practice. Sam’s mother didn’t have enough milk, so he was taken in by a foster family. Being bottle-fed now, Sam acts more like the family dog, cheerfully following his people around on the leash. His young owner said he’ll stay with them as a pet and not return to the sheep farm since they’re so attached to him. “And besides,” she said, “we couldn’t send him to slaughter. He comes when he’s called.”


  1. Oh how cute! I immediately thought just as Lucinda did–Mary’s little lamb must’ve been just like Sam. So glad his name is not Mutton or Chops or something like that. My sister used to raise calves for slaughter and named them things like T-Bone, etc.

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